The Compassionate Chefs Cafe Fund raiser was a great success. Together we raised almost $7000! Your support will help the kids of Compassionate Chefs Cafe become global citizens. For more pictures, visit us at Facebook.

The Cooking Twins complete their masterpiece.

The Cooking Twins complete their masterpiece.


Head of Raffle Ticket Sales: Gabe.


A happy door prize winner.


Happy people enjoying dinner.


The staff of Compassionate Chefs – who make it all possible.

Eat My Chicken Curry! with the TWINS Chef Ranjan Dey and Dr. Scott Philipp

Compassionate Chefs Cafe Presents

Eat My Chicken Curry! with the TWINS
Confused by Curry?

Muddle Over Masala?

In a Tizzy due to Tikka?

Please join Chef Ranjan Dey from the famed New Delhi Restaurant in San Francisco with his twin Dr. Scott Philipp, for a fun, light-hearted introduction to Indian Cooking.

The TWINS will cover how to make a basic curry and demonstrate two different cooking methods for the curry in a hurry. They will also go over the six basic ingredients in every curry and show you how to put your personal spin on it.

This is a great way to demystify Indian cuisine and learn an easy and healthy way to cook Indian at home and help the kids of Compassionate Chefs Cafe at the same time.

Sunday, June 22nd, 2014 – 6:00 to 9:00 pm

New Delhi Restaurant and Bar
160 Ellis St, San Francisco
Phone: 415.397.8470

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Limited to 96 guest

Curries will be flying, the place will be jumping! So book now!

 About Compassionate Chefs Cafe

Come experience the Compassionate Chefs Cafe ~ A remarkable celebration of giving, helping kids across the street and across the ocean become global citizens

What We Do and Who We Are

New Delhi Restaurant transforms into Compassionate Chefs Cafe twice a year in June and November. We raise funds to help underprivileged kids right across the street in the Tenderloin in San Francisco and across the ocean at the three biggest slums opposite Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad in India. Our goal and mission is to help the kids become global citizens by connecting them through several ongoing programs.

If you are interested to help please contact Chef Ranjan.

CCC is a San Francisco-based non-profit organization with one goal: To help children globally and locally

Gandhi’s intention behind his Ashram in Ahmedabad, India, was to help uplift the underprivileged. On this very location, we are helping to fund the school for children of Harijan (Untouchable) Street Cleaners. This school helps us continue Mahatma Gandhi’s movement to eradicate the social injustice of being labeled Untouchable. These children will help to uplift their impoverished communities from within.

The children of the EKATVA

Closer to home, we are also supporting the Tenderloin After School Program which provides valuable services to kids of families living in the Tenderloin District of San Francisco. The Tenderloin After School Program serves as a shelter from the street culture and many harmful influences that abound in this area. TASP provides kids with a safe space to be, where they can play and study, and get the proper support and training necessary to succeed in life.

The children of the TASP

Compassionate Chefs Cafe (CCC) is a San Francisco-based non-profit organization with one goal: To help children locally and globally. We work with members of the Food and Beverage Industry to raise funds for children across the street and across the ocean. This is an experiment to see what happens when a community comprised of caring people, foodies, business owners and local chefs – all focus their generosity. Your donation will help us create more global citizens.

Please give generously to make this dream a reality.


The Gala Dinner Menu

Feast Your Taste Buds
Click here for the full buffet menu


Amazing Silent Auction Items

  • Sports Package
    with two Giants Tickets behind home plate for July 29th against the Pittsburgh Pirates and more…
  • Night out in San Francisco Package
    One night stay at Nikko San Francisco with a delicious dinner at First Crush
  • Henna Party Package for 10
    compliments of Henna Garden
  • Family Photo Package
    compliments of Briant MacStay
  • Eat My Chicken Curry cooking class for 4
    compliments of Dr. Scott Philipp and Chef Ranjan Dey

Sunday, June 22nd, 2014 – 6:00 to 9:00 pm

New Delhi Restaurant and Bar

160 Ellis St, San Francisco

Phone: 415.397.8470

Buy Tickets Now

Limited to 96 guest

Curries will be flying, the place will be jumping! So book now!

Sponsored by

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Bollywood Dance Party!

This project is to complete the full circle of the Ekatva journey.
Our goal is to take 16 kids and five chaperons from TASP to visit the kids of Ekatva at the Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad, India in 2015- 2016. Compassionate Chefs Cafe has already raised $20,000 towards this project. Our goal is to raise $60,000 this year. With your support and generous donation we will reach much closer to the goal.
We are in constant touch with Nimo from Ekatva to help create an organic process to this journey.
The main idea is to create a greater good objective of the spirit of Global citizenship through a dance-drama program. This will start locally first and grow into a city and state wide effort culminating into a trip to visit our brothers and sisters across the ocean in Gandhi Ashram.
The essence of this project is following the foot steps of Ekatva with guidance from Nimo through Laura, the Program Director of Tenderloin After School Program. ~ Ranjan Dey

Sunday, December 8, 2013 – 6:00 to 9:00 pm
New Delhi Restaurant and Bar
160 Ellis St, San Francisco
Phone: 415.397.8470

This event is our gift to you. We are hoping this will influence you to help uplift the lives of less fortunate children both at the Tenderloin After School Program and at the Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad, India.

Pay as much as you like: [ ] $50, [ ] $100, [ ] $250, [ ] $500, suggested minimum donation is $50 per person.
Parking at Nikko for $15, located on the corner of Ellis and Mason, compliments of
Orhan Kaplankiran and

Buff Your Karma

New Delhi Restaurant is celebrating by transforming into the Compassionate Chefs Cafe. Our goal has always been to help kids become citizens of the world – by connecting kids across the street in the Tenderloin of San Francisco with kids across the ocean at the Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad, India. Please join us in this celebration to help us help the children become global citizens.
To RSVP: email Ranjan.

How To Donate

This is a Pay-it-Forward event and we only ask that you donate what you feel moved to give. Suggested
donations are $50 per person. All funds are split evenly between the Tenderloin After School Program and the Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad. Compassionate Chefs Cafe keeps back nothing for operating expenses; all goods and services are donated.
Your donation is fully tax deductible. (Non-Profit Tax ID 94-3136771)

Feast Your Eyes & Ears

Entertainment for the evening will be provided by Electric Vardo Live featuring DJ AMAR with dance performances by DholRhythms. Also sharing their talents for the evening are henna artists from Henna Gardens and beauty queens from the Miss Asian America Pageant. Event photography will be provided by Anita Mokashi.

DJ Amar DholRhythms
Miss Asian America Pagent Henna Gardens
Feast Your Tastebuds

Gourmet food and fabulous libations! Enjoy Chef Ranjan’s non-stop ten course gourmet Indian buffet, featuring delicacies and delights, desserts and drinks. On the table you will discover bari pakoras, mini samosas, Hariyali Tikka, Seekh Keebab, Murg Akbari, Gulab Jamun along with lots of other delicious goodies.

Bring an appetite, leave happy.

Who You’ll Help
The kids head to New Delhi Restaurant for lunch and lots of dancing during their 2012 visit.

Compassionate Chefs has a long tradition of helping kids both across the street in the Tenderloin District of San Francisco and across the ocean in the Gandhi Ashram of Ahmedabad. In 2012, we achieved one of our long-term goals of helping less fortunate kids become citizens of the world by bringing kids from India to the United States.

Sixteen children from the slums of Ahmedabad got to tour America, perform before thousands of people and meet kids from the Tenderloin After School Program right here in San Francisco. This was a goal Compassionate Chefs had set from the very beginning and we were thrilled to reach it with your help.

This year’s project is to send kids from San Francisco to Ahmedabad. We have a date of 2015-16 as our goal and the fundraising begins right now. As always, 100% of money raised goes to the kids, with nothing held back for expenses and all donations are tax deductible. We are grateful for your continuing support.

More dancing and proof that hiphop is the universal language of kids.

Across The Street

The Tenderloin After School Program was created to give the kids of the Tenderloin a safe place to be after school while their parents worked. They provide snacks, homework help, activities and other support to over 200 children.

TASP is proud of their first class of “graduates” – kids who have been in the program and are now entering college – some are the first in their families to attend. To learn more about the Tenderloin After School Program, visit their website: Tenderloin After School Program

Across The Ocean
About 1 out of every 6 human beings on this planet lives in a third world slum. Slum life has many
challenges including heavy population density, poor infrastructure, low income, illiteracy, scarcity
of food, and a diverse array of health and sanitation issues, amongst the many others.

The EKATVA children are ambassadors of the potential and spirit of those 1 billion human beings
around the globe who must constantly struggle to overcome difficulties and challenges that arise
from their lack of resources. But yet there is hope.

Through this journey we hope to spread seeds of goodness and compassion throughout the world and
inspire our global citizens to serve and care for those in need.
More about Compassionate Chefs Cafe here.

In May, CCC was able to donate a bit to Project Ahimsa and got some matching funds in return.  Our donation was matched for a grand total of $10,000. Yay for teamwork!

Learn more here.

From their site: Project Ahimsa raises funds the fun way – via music benefit performances. These resources become micro grants of a few thousand dollars each that support a music teacher or instrument purchases by local and international non-profits from Thailand to Tanzania.

Sonoma Sessions is our 23rd event over the past 11 years. We’re gonna break our single-event fundraising record by raising $40,000. This will be our very first event in Sonoma County and our first day-time event.  A variety of corporate sponsors have underwritten the expenses of the event so that 100% of your donation goes to education programs.


Our 25th anniversary was a monumental moment in the life journey of New Delhi Restaurant.

Your friendship and support is very important in this on going journey. We have also raised close to $4500 for the kids of Compassionate Chefs Cafe through this celebration.

Please send me a friend request on FaceBook so that we can keep in touch with updates of happenings.
Here is the FaceBook link of the posted picture album of the event.