About Us

Compassionate Chefs Cafe is a San Francisco-based non-profit organization with one goal: To help children locally and globally. We work with the Tenderloin After School Program (TASP) and Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad, India to uplift the lives of the children and provide them with important resources to become members of the global village.

The Ashram represents Gandhi’s ultimate goal of non-violence and education for all people. He spent the last 12 years of his life working to provide necessities for the most impoverished children of India. We do not want to let his work go unfinished.

Long-time supporters of CCC will note that we used to direct our funds to the Ashram in New Delhi, India. We are proud and happy to report that the New Delhi Ashram received a donation from the government of India to cover their expenses going forward. Our support is now going to the Ahmedabad Ashram, where it will help another group of children.

The Gandhi Ashram needs help in several crucial areas: The water supply is not adequate for the needs of the children and staff, basic medical care needs to be provided and their dining and kitchen facilities need improvement. Compassionate Chefs Cafe wants to help in three ways: The first is to donate $50,000 a year for basic needs and expenses. Secondly, we want to set aside $15,000 to fund a student-teacher exchange program between India and San Francisco. Last, we want to create an interest-drawing account that will generate funds for both programs indefinitely. As Gandhi’s work continued after his life ended, Compassionate Chefs Cafe will continue after the original founders are gone.

Twice every year New Delhi Restaurant transforms into “Compassionate Chefs Cafe” – a unique space of giving and selfless service. On these special days, you won’t receive a bill for the food you eat, because it is offered to you purely as a gift, with great love.

In turn, you can “pay it forward” – whatever amount you wish – offering a gift of your own that will uplift the lives of children in very real and extraordinary ways.

This is a social endeavor to see what happens when a San Francisco Bay area community – comprised of caring people, business owners, volunteers, and world renowned chefs – all converge to harness and focus their generosity. It is a celebration of fine dining and merriment, all working to empower the less fortunate children in Ahmedabad, India, and right here in the tenderloin district of San Francisco.

What is the power of giving? What is the power of love?
Come join and see for yourself!

Our Projects:

Gandhi’s intention behind his Ashram in Ahmedabad, India, was to help uplift the underprivileged. On this very location, we are helping to fund the school for children of Harijan (untouchable) Street Cleaners. This school helps us continue Mahatma Gandhi’s movement to eradicate social injustice of being labeled Untouchable. These children will help to uplift their impoverished communities from within. It is most basic of all human needs to be clean and have nurturing human touch.

Closer to home, we are also supporting Tenderloin After School Program – which provides valuable services to kids of families living in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco. Tenderloin After School Program serves as a shelter from the street culture and many harmful influences that abound in this area. TASP provides kids with a safe space to be, where they can play and study, and get the proper support and training necessary to succeed in life.

Come experience the Compassionate Chefs Cafe: A remarkable celebration of giving.
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For Reservation Call 415-397-8470 or send an email to Reservation@compassionatechefs.org

This Pay-It-Forward celebration is dedicated to raise $52,000 annually to be equally split between Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad and Tenderloin After School Program of TNDC in San Francisco
To become a Lifetime Host contact: Ranjan@NewDelhiRestaurant.com or 415-816-4068

This is made possible by following Lifetime Hosts

Macys-Event-Anita, Jennifer, Liz, Laura, Nicole, Puja, Renee, Chandan and Eva Joarder, Latha Ramadass, Ranjan and Kodi Dey, Ashok Pramanik, Northgate Realty-Ron and Kim Davis, Mark Krueger and Jo Ann Koga, Hana Zen Restaurant-Alvin & Angie, Johnny Foleys-Martin & Mary, Dr Ravi Gupta & Renu Gupta, Mill Valley Insurance Services-A & Ron,Deep Foods-Kaushal & Phoram, N.Sunderaj, Hilton Hotel and Towers-Tal Franbuch, Ramona Rose & Joe, Shanti and Sam Mathan, Sue Martin and David Neal, Charlie and Jade Schonheft, APM Parking- Scott & Lu, Mohammad Alam, Bank Of America-Ali Ansari, Stefano Cossalato – North Beach Chamber Of Commerce, New Delhi Restaurant-Shimu, Rana, Babita, Joe, Sarah, Sophie, Evangeline, Luis, Nancy, Esmeralda, Laura, Sandip, Avishekh, Dipak, Santosh, Javier, Sarabjit

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